Solving a problem when connecting self hosted WordPress to Klout


Showing up the login pop-up window repetitively, when you try connecting WordPress (self hosted) from the Kolut site. 



When reducing 'wordpress' from the 'Site Address(URL)' as the screenshot below from the WordPress Settings > Generalit makes a problem with 'jetpack debug'.

To check whether you have the one: try "", you'll get error on it.

스크린샷 2013-12-30 오전 12.02.02



  1. Change your 'Site Address(URL)' same with the 'WordPress Address(URL)' temporarily.
  2. Reconnect jetpack from your WordPress Site from the Jetpack settings page (press the button right upper of the page to disconnect, and connect again ):
     스크린샷 2013-12-30 오전 12.12.49
  3. Check whether it works fine with the jetpack debug on, you should get the message: "Everything looks great"
  4. Connect you WordPress from Kolut